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Course Condition Update: Wentworth Golf Club

Easy AdSense by Unreal I played Wentworth Golf Club for the first and only time back in April.  I liked the course, but because I hadn’t played it before and was unfamiliar with the layout, I was eager for a  second crack at it.   The challenge at Wentworth is making good course management decisions andaccurate shot placement, as […]

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Wentworth Golf Club Is Short In Length, But Long On Frustration

My friends and I played Wentworth Golf  Club last weekend. For as long as I’ve known it, this has been a private course, locked away behind the gates of the Wentworth community.  Recently the course was bought by Ace Golf, and as of January 1 of last year became semi-private. Wentworth is now open for public play and its […]

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