Fall is in the Air and Professional Sports are in Full Swing

I love fall.  Even though I now live in Florida, where the daytime temps are still in the 90’s, the season still brings to mind the colors of the changing leaves and crisp, clear mornings. When I was a kid in  high school it would mean after-school football practice and the excitement of Friday night games. I also spent many fall Sundays with my Dad at the old Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburg watching the Steelers.

Nowadays I still enjoy fall, but mostly because there are so many professional sports in full swing. Not only is the PGA FedEx Cup race is underway with Tiger in the lead, but the NHL is in pre-season, the NFL season is gaining momentum, NASCAR’s Race for the Chase has begun and the Boys of October are getting ready to bat. My days are a blur of watching sports and it’s great! I’m not real happy with the way my Pittsburg Steelers are playing so far, but I’m very happy with my Pittsburg Pirates who should see the post-season for the first time in 20 years.

I’m not alone in this love of fall, which seems to bring out the armchair expert in everyone. Whether it’s pre-season or regular season, everyone has a prediction and they like to do some wagering on their favorite team, or spend hours picking and following their fantasy league teams. On the radio, on TV, and increasingly, online, you can find the spreads, odds or points on all kinds of sports from tennis to golf to football. Who will win and by how much, how many total points, who scores first and many more bets can be made on all sporting events. You can even put your money where your mouth is and make real money on some of the sports betting sites. Make sure you do your homework first though.

However you choose to enjoy your fall sports, have fun, drink responsibly, and don’t bet the farm. Good luck and happy fall!

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