What’s New from the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show — Part 3

Here’s another post about some of the newest golf-related products that I spotted at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. There were over 100 new items this year and quite a few caught my eye. While always looking for gadgets that might help me with my golf swing and game, I came across two items that not only might help me, but also my Dad.  In a post I wrote a while back (For the Love of Golf), I told you about my Dad who had a stroke 6 years ago. Currently he only has motion on his right side and since he’s golfing again he needs a way to better grip his right hand to the club when he swings. Below are two products that can help.

The Golf GripThe GripLock

The GripLock is a golf glove fitted with a velcro strap. Once you take your grip on the club, you then take the strap around your hand and club and attach it to velcro strips on your knuckles. This gives you a solid hold on your club and, according to their website, is “designed to assist all golfers in achieving the perfect grip.” The GripLock glove helps to keep your club head square at impact, which can increase your distance and eliminate hooks and slices. It’s the Preferred Training Aid of the PGA Learning and Performance.

The GripLock not only helps the able-bodied keep their hand in the proper form when swinging the club,  it also helps those who have strength or mobility issues such as those who have had strokes or suffer from arthritis. I know it has helped my Dad. This glove is great for training or can be used on the course. The GripLock golf glove is available for men and women and comes in sizes medium and large for either right or left hand. It currently sells online for $24.95. For more information go to www.thegriplock.com.

The Eagle ClawThe Eagle Claw

The Eagle Claw is a golf grip device that, according to their literature, can “assist with developing and maintaining grip strength and accuracy.” This device locks your hand and grip to the club to help make a more consistent swing by supporting and strengthening your grip. It is perfect for disabled golfers who are physically impaired i.e. arthritis, stroke or those who struggle gripping and holding a club as you swing. The Eagle Claw has been tested and approved by the Wounded Warriors Project.

The Eagle Claw is only available for the left hand for now, although they are planning to have a right-handed version with in the next 6 months. It comes with a locking device and golf glove in sizes medium, large and extra-large and is priced at $49.95. It can currently be found via their website or at several stores online such as Golfsmith and Walmart. For more information on the Eagle Claw, including a demonstration video, log on to www.the-eagle-claw.com.

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