What’s New from the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show – Part 2

Spotless Swing golf towel

Spotless Swing golf towel.

Last month I attended the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. This is my second post about some of the newest golf-related products and there will be more. There were over 100 new items this year and quite a few caught my eye. I’ll keep posting about some of the most interesting over the next few weeks.

Spotless Swing Golf Towel

I carry a big, half-wet bath towel to clean the club face and grooves of grass and dirt after every shot. I know I’m not the only amateur that likes clean clubs. That being said, I might be a little anal about it. I have played with some people who always have grass stains and dirt in the grooves of their clubs. I don’t know how they do it.

So, while I was roaming the vast expanses of the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show, I sought out the booth for the Spotless Swing golf towel. I wanted to see what made this towel special. The Spotless Swing golf towel advertises itself as three towels in one. The fabric on the outside is for keeping your hands and grips dry, while the inside features both a “MicroBrush Fabric” to clean the grooves, and fabric to dry and wipe the clubs.

Spotless Swing colors

Spotless Swing golf towels come in a variety of colors

After receiving a towel at the Merchandise Show, I was eager to  give it try on the course. Not knowing how well the Spotless Swing golf towel would work, I stilled carried my own half-wet towel, just in case. After the first shot from the fairway, and noticing  grass stains and dirt on the club face, I reached for the Spotless Swing golf towel and went to work. I was really surprised on how well it cleaned the club and instantly got the dirt out of the grooves with its “MicroBrush Fabric”. After attaching the Spotless Swing golf towel to my bag I don’t think I’ll need my bath towel anymore.

The Spotless Swing golf towel comes in eight different colors and easily attaches to your golf bag whether riding on a golf cart or carrying your bag. You can also order custom logos, which is great for any golf tournament prizes. For those of you that like to have clean clubs for every golf shot Spotless Swing golf towel is the last one you will buy. They are available locally at Edwin Watts for $19.99, at the link below or from their website at www.spotlessswing.com.


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