Course Condition Update: Wentworth Golf Club

Wentworth Golf Course: 7th hole

The 7th hole is a short-to-medium par 3. Straight forward hole, but you don’t want to be long or you’ll get in trouble.

I played Wentworth Golf Club for the first and only time back in April.  I liked the course, but because I hadn’t played it before and was unfamiliar with the layout, I was eager for a  second crack at it.   The challenge at Wentworth is making good course management decisions andaccurate shot placement, as the course is not long by most standards.

We booked a late Saturday morning tee time and was told the course was in good condition but it could be cart paths only due to recent rains. After checking in and doing some practice putts, the starter informed us it was not cart paths only that day. Good to know the drainage systems works well. And the course was in good condition. The tees and fairways were fine and not too wet, although a high tee shot or approach shot that missed the green didn’t get much roll. The sand was also fine. The greens were cut and in good condition.

Wentworth Golf Course: 9th hole

The 9th hole is a short par 4 with a narrow tee shot over water. There is also water to the right and sand to the left on your approach shot to green.

The staff was friendly as before, and the on-course service was good as we saw the beverage cart several times during the round. The pace seemed slow (at one point their were 6 carts on the 8th tee), but we still finished the round in four hours. The price ranges from $25-$40 and you can get $5 off coupons if you play (or visit) one of their other two courses, Pebble Creek and Crescent Oaks. For more information check out my previous post, Wentworth Golf Club Is Short In Length, But Long On Frustration, or go to

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